Need a little guidance?  I'm happy to help!

Hey, friend.  I've been right where you are and I wouldn't be where I'm at in my career without the helping hand of some fellow photogs along the way.  Mentorships are an excellent investment in yourself, your business, and your art no matter where you are in your journey.  I'm happy to meet you right where you are and cover any topics you need help basics, when and where to shoot, editing in LR and PS, organization and file storing and saving, how to build a clientele, how to determine your prices through your costs of doing business, how to define and find your ideal clients, how to increase your online presence through marketing and SEO, how to run your small business and stop letting it run you.  I'm here when you need me!  Fill out the contact form and I'll reach out ASAP!


Skype Session

One hour skype session covering any topic you choose.  $300


One on One Mentoring

In person mentoring sessions are hourly and are $500 per session.  Sessions may be spilt between two photographers and bundled sessions are steeply discounted. 



Designed for at least 5 people, up to 10 and cover any topic including Photography for Moms, a beginners class for mom interested taking great photos of their own kids.  Workshops are 2-3 hours in length, include hands-on training and start at $2000.