Newborn Lifestyle Session -- Welcome, Baby Evelyn

I am so thankful for yet another family that booked a newborn lifestyle session with me because they are my FAVORITE!  Every year that I grow in my business, I learn more about myself and what calls to me.  Newborn lifestyle sessions are definitely my jam and my goal this year is to start trimming out the sessions that I don't love to do so I can save room in my calendar for all the things I love to photograph!  Babies, brides, and families seem to always fall into my "want to do" list. 

Baby Evelyn was THE best when I came over!  Amanda was totally prepared (she makes mom-ing look easy..share your tips on doing life, lady!) and I arrived to their house with everyone low key and happy.  I don't think my family is like that on normal days!  Haha!  Those happy, laid back vibes carried on throughout the session and Evelyn was totally content with us wrapping her up and putting cute bows and tiebacks on her.  Big sister was such a great helper and so patient!  I think I may need her as my assistant for every session!

Amanda designed the nursery to have that same soft, laid back feel that seems to be the theme of their family.  The walls are a quintessential pale pink and the curtains and crib bedding provide the perfect amount of color pop.  I was envious of her gorgeous rocking chair.  I imagine it'll get lots of use in the months to come!  

Thank you, Thompson family, for allowing me in your space to capture your sweet family welcoming your newest member!  I can't wait to watch that sweet baby grow up to be just as beautiful as her big sis and her momma!

Newborn Lifestyle Session -- Welcome, Baby Adam

I just adore the Hassan family!  They have the most beautiful boys!  I photographed them last summer and I was ecstatic when Humaira reached out to book a newborn lifestyle session to take place in their new home.  When the time came for me to come over to photograph, Adam, their newest addition they had only been in their new house for a few weeks.  Despite having just moved in AND just having had a baby, their home was decorated beautifully.  The white and grays give a bright, airy feel.  RQ Charming Homes helped Humaira decorate and the nursery made me giddy! The crib is so beautiful!  Add in a precious baby boy and I found it hard to stop taking pictures when my time with this sweet family was over.  I love newborn lifestyle sessions!!!  I hope you enjoy the images from their session as much as I do!  :)


What is the Difference Between a Posed Newborn Session and a Newborn Lifestyle Session?

I often get tagged in posts on Facebook for someone looking for a photographer for their newborn baby.  I gotta tell you that newborn lifestyle sessions are among my very favorite types of sessions.  Honestly, if I had to pick a type of session and could only do that for the rest of my days it would probably be these.  I love to go into a new family's home and capture those first memories.  Mom snuggling the newest addition.  The baby all wrapped up snuggly and sleeping in the crib.  All the sweet, brand new features of the baby.  The siblings snuggling the baby.  The family cuddling and laughing on mom and dad's bed.  These moments are what encompass the best parts of bringing a baby home and I LOVE to capture them!  

Here's the thing newborn sessions are relatively new on the scene and some times I have to pass on potential clients because what I do isn't what they have in mind.  Sometimes a new mom really wants those posed newborn shots where baby is placed in a cute prop or on a lovely blanket.  Their hands are delicately placed under their chin and tiny toes are tucked under their cute little rump.  I gotta admit that these photos are totally adorbs aaaaand totally out of my wheelhouse.  I don't have the equipment or the want to try to do these types of photos in someone's home.  Posed newborns shots are meant to be done in a studio with consistent lighting, with posing equipment, and lots of props, wraps, tiebacks, and hats on hand for mom to pick from.  I hate losing a potential client, but at the end of the day, I just want that new mom to get exactly the type of photos that she has in mind so I send her on to one of my many amazing photog friends who specialize in posing babies.

So, if you are still a little confused about what the difference is between posed and lifestyle sessions are, here is a little breakdown:

Lifestyle is:

  • in home
  • focuses on family connection
  • does not include props or posing equipment
  • does include shots of just baby (usually in the crib, on the end of mommy and daddy's bed, etc.)
  • may include family pets 

Posed is:

  • in a studio
  • focuses on posed images of the baby
  • may include a few family shots (usually at an extra cost)
  • includes props, wraps, tiebacks, hats, etc. on hand

At this point, you may know that you want either lifestyle or posed.  There will be the few that think that both types of sessions sound amazing and I am so excited for the opportunity to collaborate this year with the amazing Dawn Lopez to offer moms a little bit of both.  We will be working together to offer the Baby Bundle.  This session bundle is $700 and includes a one hour in home lifestyle session with me (with 15 digital images) and a one hour in studio session to get posed shots of baby with Dawn Lopez (with 10 digital images).

This is such an incredible offer in that you will book with two different photographers who are both talented and passionate about the type of work they do for a discounted price.  Please reach out if you'd like to book or go and reserve your spot now!  Dawn and I look forward to meeting your newest addition in 2018!